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Qi Gong udstrækning



Denne video er 15 minutter lang udstrækningsprogram, som kan laves alene som mindfulness, eller før Qi Gong træning.


Varighed: 15:34



The most common Qi Gong excercise. Is always made in the beginning, and end of each training series.

The exercise helps get calm, focused, and good grounding.




Is from the Tai Chi 18 Qi Gong series. It is very good for coming the mind, and strengthening the body. This is one of the series, in which I am a certified instructor.




The crane stretching is af part of the five animal medical Qi Gong series. It is believed to come from Hua Tou (110-207 e.kr). The Crane is related to the Heart meridian.


Hello, I'm Vibeke Soerensen



On the picture seen with my SIFU Torben Rif, from PTCC, Denmark. The picture is taken at my graduation as a Qi Gong basis instructor. I can now teach Tai Chi 18 Qi Gong, and soon also Five animals Qi Gong and shaolin Baduanjin Qi Gong.

Qi Gong is mindfulness, and an excellent way to build up the body, given in strengt. At the same time balancing mind and body, with a great relaxing effect on the mind.

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Vibeke Soerensen

Piano and watercolour artist.

2016 Certified Mindfulness instructor

2017 Qi Gong instructor

2017 Started MBSR instructor education